Hypnotherapy for children

Hypnotherapy is not just for adults.  It can be used incredibly effectively with children too.  In fact, children generally make fantastic hypnotic subjects due to their active imaginations and they really enjoy the use of imagery, metaphor and hypnotic stories.


I favour a solution-focused attitude when working with my younger clients and just as with my adult clients, I use a highly individualised approach for each child, creating a treatment programme that accounts for their own interests, their relationships, their ideas and their vocabulary. 


When I work with children, I have the advantage of help from the child’s parents or carers.  I recognise that therapy works best when we operate as a team and I usually have at least one review meeting with the family member during the course of treatment.  I take family values, norms and beliefs into account and this engenders a positive and consistent environment in which treatment is more likely to be successful.  As with my adult clients, it is essential that the child has a genuine desire to change something about his/her behaviour and/or feelings.


Obviously, a child’s chronological and developmental age influence the way in which I work with them.  Hypnotherapy is unsuitable for children under five and a reasonable understanding of language is necessary.


Hypnotherapy can help with a variety of children's issues, including anxiety (such as exam anxiety and separation anxiety), self-esteem and confidence, habit-breaking, phobias, bedwetting, encopresis and sleeping difficulties.

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